How much to tip pizza delivery

Anyone who has ordered pizza or had food delivered has certainly faced the same dilemma: “How much should I tip?”

Despite the fact that a delivery driver does not have the same status as a restaurant waiter, they are the ones who bring your food to your door, and you would not believe the strange things they have had to endure to get there.

Tipping is regarded as a sign of appreciation in the United States, even when it is neither expected nor required. If you do not intend to tip, you should at least request that your pizza be delivered to you personally if you order it.

Returning to the topic at hand, how much gratuity should you leave for the pizza delivery person? A variety of factors must be considered when estimating the amount of gratuity.

The Real Cost of Shipping

If you had pizza delivered to your house, you may have noticed that the restaurant charged you a delivery fee. These fees can range between $3 and $10, but they are typically in this range. As a result, you may be surprised to learn that delivery money almost never reaches the drivers. As a result, it must be avoided being confused with a gratuity fee.

A Small Gratuity

We discovered through Internet research that nearly everyone agrees that the minimum payment should be $5. (According to industry experts, if you live in a very small town with a limited driving radius, a minimum payment of $3 is appropriate.) Many people tip for delivery using the minimum standard for dine-in service, which is 15 to 20% of the total bill. This is due to the fact that many people in modern society prefer takeout and delivery to dining out.

When you factor in the time it takes the driver to pick up the food from the restaurant, deliver it to your location, wait for you to arrive at the door, and then return to the restaurant, you’re looking at a minimum of twenty minutes, and often much longer. “Would I still go on this trip if the price was lower?” ask yourself.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of people who transport food do so in their own vehicles, for which they are responsible for all associated costs (such as gas), and who must also put up with the persistent smell of pepperoni pizza in their upholstery. There would be no need to be concerned if robots were ever used to deliver pizza.

What if there is a delivery fee?

The restaurant or food delivery app is unlikely to pay the driver a portion of the customer-paid delivery or service charges. In most cases, the fees collected in this manner are sufficient to cover the app’s or service’s operating costs.

Never forget to tip the driver, as tips are considered part of the driver’s compensation by both the restaurant and the driver. The tipping requirements for takeout and delivery are not always the same.

When Should You Include Extra Gratuities?

In the following cases, additional gratuities of at least 20% are required:

• Sleet or snow (although we do not recommend ordering these)

• Large group catering (think 10 pizzas, or tons of entress with lots of sides)

• When the delivery address is outside the normal delivery area

• A bonus will be given if the driver provided status updates over the phone or went above and beyond the call of duty.

Should You Ever Leave Less Than the Required Gratuity?

If the driver is rude or careless in any obvious way, such as running over your prized flower beds or dropping the meal, you may reduce the gratuity. But what happens if the food is late or cold? Perhaps the restaurant, rather than the driver, is to blame in this case. If you have a problem with your meal, it is often best to tip the driver the bare minimum before contacting the restaurant. They might give you a discount or a refund.

How much should you tip a pizza delivery driver?

In most cases, a minimum tip of three dollars is added to delivery orders totaling less than twenty dollars. If the order total exceeds $20, the customary tip ranges from 10% to 15% of the order total (but should never be less than $5).

Several factors may influence the amount of gratuity you decide to give (but should always follow those baseline standards). The following are some examples of when a higher gratuity may be appropriate:

Despite the bad weather, deliveries were made. Those who drive in inclement weather, such as heavy rain, snow, or high winds, endanger themselves and others. If you order pizza to avoid driving in bad weather, leave a generous tip for the person who delivers it to your house. This is a reliable guideline.

• If the address is more than five miles away from the store.

• If the driver was exceptionally courteous, provided exceptional service, or arrived early.

Are you tired of dealing with poor service?

Is the order incorrect? How about cold meals? Unfortunately, shipping errors are quite common. However, you should tip the delivery person and contact the store’s management to explain the situation. More often than not, the store, not the delivery driver, is to blame.


We’ve compiled everything we know about tipping pizza delivery drivers, including our tips and considerations, as well as the reasons why you should always leave a generous tip.

The following is a tip for the pizza delivery driver:

• A 15% gratuity is recommended.

• 10% or less for standard service

• 20% or more for exceptional service

• at least 10% off orders over $100

• Small orders under $20: $3 minimum.

Tipping customs typically call for 15% of the total, with a minimum of $3, for ordinary service; 15%-20% or more for great service (or if you’re feeling particularly generous); and 10% or less for poor treatment.

If the delivery cost is included, check to see if it is paid directly to the driver. If it doesn’t work, leave a tip.

Remember that unless the pizza is not delivered, you should not tip the pizza delivery driver less than the full amount. They worked hard to get the pizza to you as quickly (and as hot) as possible, and they deserve at least 10% of the total.

How do you tip when paying over the phone?

Even if the driver uses his or her own vehicle, the majority of pizza ordering apps and phone services require you to pay a delivery fee; thus, a pizza delivery tip is required.

Keep in mind that some pizzerias still require drivers to carry change for every order, even though they are likely on their way to pick up your food while attempting to keep up with traffic and avoid being pulled over by police in order to provide you with the appropriate change.

When making a phone transaction, you should constantly ask yourself, “Would I rather have my food now OR my cash tomorrow?”

If you are willing to wait another twenty-four hours to eat your pizza, there is no need to leave a tip because you will most likely never see it.

Please follow these steps if you want to tip:

1.Withdraw money and look for a pen. It is best to write on the receipt itself. If you don’t have a receipt, you can put the cash in a bag or fold it to make it more visible.

2. Place the letter in the driver’s book bag and write “Tip $ .” If you can’t reach their pocket, place the item on their vehicle and hope they notice it before driving away (luckily pizza drivers know to check inside vehicles).

You can also ask them to retrieve it as soon as they exit their vehicle. You should be aware, however, that some pizza restaurants forbid drivers from carrying cash while on the job.

3. We’ve finished! If you’d rather not leave a tip, write “I took out $_ for myself” or don’t leave one at all.

Who cares if it appears absurd? You are most likely surrounded by people who agree with you that you should do what is best for YOU.

When is it OK to tip more than 15% for pizza delivery?

If the topic of gratuities comes up, keep in mind that the industry standard of 15% is not always obligatory.

If you want to tip more than 15% on your next pizza delivery service order, the following insider knowledge will come in handy.

When utilizing GrubHub or any other third-party service, always tip the driver more than15%, unless your order contains more than 20 items (for example, if you’re holding a birthday party).

This has been proved by a huge number of former pizza business employees. Despite the fact that they do not actively advertise it, taking use of this feature today will result in larger long-term rewards.

Your total bill for three pizzas and two drinks would be $23. (before taxes) However, extra monetary contributions of $5 are encouraged. If you handed the driver a total of$29, you would have exceeded the 15% required tipping limit.

This is only permissible if the person delivering the pizza works for the pizza restaurant. If it is a member of the staff, they will most likely appreciate the extra cash tip you provided them. This also applies to Uber drivers in a similar way.

The tipping system at Domino’s Pizza stops this from happening. Any organization claiming to have cracked this system is deceiving you or lying to you.

False voucher promised that all pizzas would be 50% off and tipped 12.5%.

How much should you tip Domino’s Pizza for pizza delivery?

To begin started, you must pay attention to various factors:

The length of time the driver waited, as well as the distance driven (which includes the cost of petrol).

The courier charge will include the pizza price, delivery fee, and tip. You have the option of increasing your advantage by 10% or even 15%.

So, how much will be charged to my bill in total? That is all up to you! Keep five- or ten-dollar notes in your wallet at all times if you want your Domino’s pizza to taste even better.

How much should you tip for huge pizza delivery?

The extra gratuity, which is usually between $10 and $20 for big pizza delivery orders, is considered traditional. Tipping 10% to 20% is usual for big pizzas priced between $12 and $15, but round up to 25% to show your generosity.

It’s a fair price for a pizza that delivers meals swiftly and keeps them warm. Furthermore, having no money is preferable, considering that tips are a substantial source of additional income for many drivers nowadays.

What happens if the service they give isn’t worth the money we pay them? So, why do you feel obligated to leave a tip? Why should a tip be left if the meal is provided instantly and is made exactly as specified in the order?

When you get a significant order from a rich individual or organization, tipping may be deemed appropriate.

However, for the majority of us with steady salaries who only go out on Friday and Saturday evenings, not having enough cash in our pockets to pay the delivery man and purchase beer and smokes is a problem.

As a result, I agree with individuals who claim that Pizza Hut’s gratuities should be reduced, which they already do, because a $10-$20 tip for delivering a big pizza to a single person nowadays is excessive unless you’re throwing it at them. Nonetheless, Pizza Hut does this already for this reason.


The following are common questions about tipping a pizza delivery driver.


Yes. First, check with the restaurant to see if the delivery cost is paid directly to the driver. If so, be sure that this fee is larger than $3 and reflects 15% of your purchase total. If it doesn’t, leave a tip.


Yes. What time are we talking? If the driver is more than 15 minutes late, contact the restaurant for an updated arrival time. When orders are delayed, it is typically the responsibility of the restaurant, not the driver, therefore do not lower the tip unless you are positive the driver is to blame. You may lower the tip to 10% if the driver is already out making deliveries and your order is more than 30 minutes late.

Should I lower my tip if the order is incorrect?

No. Contact the restaurant and ask for the right order or a refund. Although you’d like to think that the driver double-checks the order before departing, restaurants often have expeditors prepare the bags and send them to the drivers for efficiency; hence, the driver should not be punished.


Large catering orders receive a minimum 10% discount.


Delivery fees are levied to cover hourly salaries and delivery-related costs. They may appear to be expensive, but their aim is to guarantee that tipped personnel are paid a decent wage and that the firm is not losing money by taking deliveries. To reduce these expenditures, ordering takeout is always an option.

How can I tip a pizza delivery driver with a credit card?

If you pay by credit card, the pizza delivery driver will provide you a receipt to sign. As is common at restaurants, this receipt will include a tip line. Add the tip to the total, then sign the receipt. Please keep in mind that in order to pay by credit card, you must either call and enter your credit card number over the phone or pay online. In rare cases, the driver may be able to use a card reader to swipe your credit card.


Yes. Online ordering is only a convenience; delivery drivers must continue to do their jobs. If you paid by credit card online, the delivery driver will give you a receipt with a tip line. If you pay in cash, you should also tip in cash.


The tipping process is the same across all delivery applications.

• Standard service: 15% off with a $3 minimum.

• 20% for excellent service

• Inadequate service: 10% or less


No. Gratuities are the same whether you order from a major pizza chain like Domino’s, Papa John’s, or Pizza Hut.

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What should you leave as a tip for a $20 pizza delivery?

$3.50 is my answer!

Why are there so many? I’ll explain why: once I graduate from college, I’ll make $40,000 each year. Perks and incentives are not included.

Furthermore, the average delivery driver gets $7 per hour, close to the minimum wage. They are not getting rich delivering pizzas for your local Dominos.

As a result, if they go out of their way to bring your pizza late at night in the snow, you should tip them somewhat more than you would for takeout.

At least, this is what my acquaintance, who does part-time deliveries while school is not in session, tells me. He added that some weeks he makes more in tips than he did last year in pay.

Is it customary to tip pizza delivery people?

Yes, especially if it’s a custom order, is my answer.

So, what exactly is a custom order? You are placing a special order when you phone ahead and indicate that you need your pizza at a specified time or with specific toppings.

This is frequently the difference between having to wait over an hour (or until they close) for your dinner and receiving it within twenty minutes.

Many drivers despise this since it forces them to go out of their way to get your meal promptly. As a result, it would be appreciated if you could tip them more for their efforts.

Is there a general norm for tipping delivery people?

Here’s my answer: $5 per person. This includes any shipping charges that may apply. Although $3 to $5 may appear to be a lot, it isn’t since…

This person seems to be doing well for himself.

What if it’s chilly or rainy outside?

If your meal is cold when it comes (as confirmed by the driver), you should tip them more. 10% extra than normal should be plenty.

Don’t be afraid unless you live in a region where snow is unusual; most drivers are not well rewarded to drive in rain/snow/cold (Florida, Hawaii).

If you live in an area where snow is regular, warm the pizza in the oven when it arrives. It is unreasonable to ask your driver to stand outside in -10 degree temperatures.

What happens if I don’t tip and the service is subpar?

My response: What difference does it make? Your wallet is only worth $3 to $5 if it is taken (like mine did once).

And does it really matter if your pizza arrives hot, cold, or five minutes late? They are still making minimum wage and will most likely take orders until they close! Isn’t the opportunity to get meals quickly enough reason to be a nice tipper?

What would happen if everyone merely left a $2 tip on every delivery?

My answer is that delivery drivers would make $13 per hour! Who wouldn’t want that?

However, this is what I have heard. They may not pay you more than the minimum salary, but they are rewarded for the amount of deliveries they do at night (just like servers at restaurants).

So, if they do 25 or 50 deliveries in one night, they get a free lunch/dinner. If they don’t, you may expect to labor for free until the manager returns the following week (at least, that’s how it works at my institution).

What happens if your pizza isn’t fully cooked?

My recommendation is that you file a complaint and get a discount.

Pizza delivery drivers do not often prepare the pizzas. According to what I’ve heard, they merely deliver the meal, and if there’s an issue, you should take it up with the restaurant.

I’ve even heard of establishments who let their delivery workers to undertake extra chores like washing dishes or taking out the garbage in order to preserve as much of your tips as possible.

Is $5 a reasonable delivery tip?

Yes, that’s my reaction! I’ve previously earned $5 gratuities, and it’s not difficult to do so if you’re nice and speedy with the order.

For the past three years, I’ve worked as a pizza delivery driver, and at the conclusion of each shift, I easily earned more than $50 in tips. The nicest part is that you never have to pay taxes on anything because it is done under the table. Just keep track of your change at the end of each day.

How much should you tip for a $40 pizza delivery?

My answer is $7 or $8.

Because the driver’s time is valued as well, I generally try to negotiate a higher charge if they come in under 20 minutes (which is impossible for some people).

Do Domino’s delivery drivers accept tips?

My response is that no one knows, and no one is meant to.

According to what I’ve heard, tipping the driver and having him pocket the money might be used against him.

Do delivery drivers appreciate tips?

My answer is no.

This is why it gets finished so late at night (unless you tip right then and there which is always cool).

What if I don’t get my pizza for another four hours?

They’ve probably already spent your money on food or petrol, so they may as well settle in until you return. Before giving up hope of obtaining what you paid for, try communicating with them again. Remember that delivering good customer service begins with treating everyone who visits a store/restaurant/delivery business with respect!

Why are delivery driver tips necessary?

Most delivery drivers are paid minimum wage or less, plus gratuities. When petrol, insurance, and maintenance (because to wear and tear from regular driving) are added in, any potential profit is swiftly eroded. Furthermore, delivery drivers are typically forced to carry additional coverage and pay higher vehicle insurance costs.

To summarize, making a living as a pizza delivery driver can be challenging. Tips may make or ruin a career!

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