Is Gluten Free Pizza Keto – Detailed Explanation

Gluten-free pizza is a popular option for those on a gluten-free diet. While there are many pre-made and frozen gluten-free pizzas available, making your own keto-friendly version at home is not only delicious, but also much healthier.

One of the lowest carbohydrate diets is the ketogenic diet. Many people are turning to the diet because of its many advantages. However, the growing popularity of the ketogenic diet has resulted in fewer options for those who want to follow it.

Since time immemorial, people have enjoyed pizza as a food. Even if they were trying to lose weight, people of all ages wouldn’t want to give up their favorite treat. Since this is the case, a number of pizzerias have rolled out “keto-friendly pizzas” Customers may enjoy pizza and stay on track with their keto diet thanks to these keto-friendly pies.

Many people, however, believe that keto-friendly pizza made without gluten is OK. It’s easy to mistake a gluten-free pizza for a keto-friendly pizza because “gluten-free” is promoted as beneficial to health when combined with a low-carb diet.

This recipe uses a simple cauliflower crust that is packed with nutrients and low in carbs. Topped with a homemade tomato sauce and your favorite toppings, this gluten-free pizza is sure to become a new family favorite.

As a result, many people inquire, “Is gluten-free pizza low-carb and keto-friendly?” “Is gluten-free pizza?” In order to help you understand the distinctions between a keto diet and a gluten-free diet, we’ve put together this article. That being said, let’s get this party started.

What is Keto Diet

There are many other types of keto diets, but the most common is based on a high-fat, moderate protein, and low-carb diet. The lower carbohydrate intake is made up for by a higher proportion of heart-healthy fats. In order to make your body burn fat instead of carbohydrates, you must follow a ketogenic diet.

A ketogenic diet is one that encourages your body to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. When you eat a lot of carbs, your body turns them into glucose, or blood sugar, which it then uses for energy. But when you cut back on carbs, your body has to find another source of energy. That’s where fat comes in.

Fat is a more efficient source of energy than carbs, so your body burns it for fuel. This process is called ketosis, and it’s what makes the keto diet so effective for weight loss.

Weight loss, blood sugar regulation, insulin sensitivity, blood pressure control, and other benefits are all possible with this diet. The keto diet is doable for anyone who is serious about losing weight and improving their health.

What is Gluten Free Diet

A gluten-free diet is one that does not contain any gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. It is what gives bread its chewy texture and helps it to rise.

The gluten-free diet has become popular in recent years as more and more people have realized that they are sensitive to gluten. Symptoms of gluten sensitivity can include bloating, gas, diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, and skin problems.

While the gluten-free diet can be healthy for people with gluten sensitivity, it is not necessarily a low-carb diet. In fact, many gluten-free products are made with high-carb ingredients like rice flour or potato starch.

Is Gluten Pizza Low Carb

The gluten-free diet does not necessitate a keto diet, as previously stated. Low carb pizza crust actually has more carbs than gluten-free pizza crust. As a result, many people believe that gluten-free pizza is low-carb and healthy.

However, this is not the case. A slice of gluten-free pizza can have up to 30 grams of carbs, while a slice of low-carb pizza has only 5 grams of carbs. So, if you are on a keto diet, you should avoid gluten-free pizza.

So, Is Gluten Free Pizza Keto Friendly?

The short answer is no. Gluten-free pizza is not keto-friendly. While it is possible to find gluten-free pizzas made with low-carb ingredients, they are not as common as keto-friendly pizzas.

Let’s debunk the misconception that gluten-free pizza is keto-friendly by looking at a few of the major reasons you shouldn’t consume gluten-free pizza when on a ketogenic diet. There are some reasons to prove Why Gluten Free Pizza is Not Keto Friendly

High Carbohydrate Amounts

The first goal of the keto diet is to reduce carbohydrates. A low-carbohydrate diet aids in fat loss and improves metabolic processes. Many gluten-free pizzas, on the other hand, include a lot of carbs.

When you start a keto diet, you must eat 20-30 grams of net carbohydrates each day. However, the dough prepared with gluten-free ingredients may exceed your daily carb intake levels. This goes against the basic principles of a low-carbohydrate diet.

High Sugar Levels

On a ketogenic diet, you should consume no more than 50 grams of sugar each day. Sugar is present in virtually every meal. As a result, having one meal with 25-30 grams of sugar can deplete glycogen stores.

To make sure that a gluten-free pizza tastes good, many companies add large amounts of sugar to compensate for the lack of gluten components. As a result, when you’re eating a gluten-free pizza, keep an eye on how much sugar is in it.

Sugar levels can cause significant problems for your insulin levels and blood sugar saturation. It’s not advised for ketogenic diets.

Low Protein

The majority of the protein in a ketogenic diet is derived from fats. As a result, each day contains a different quantity of protein, around 1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight. If you have pizza for two meals or two days in a row, you may be short on protein.

Protein deficiency is common on the ketogenic diet. If you have enough protein, it would be much easier for you to stay on track with your diet. Protein deprivation can lead to swelling, fatty liver, skin deterioration, and a slew of other illnesses.

Low Fat Levels

Carbohydrates are a key component of your diet, so cutting them out can be difficult. If you’re on a ketogenic diet, you’ll want to eat as much healthy fat as possible. Your body burns fat instead of carbohydrates when it’s in ketosis. Transfats, however, abound in most gluten-free pizzas rather than good fats.

Trans fats can negate the benefits of a keto diet. Trans fatty acids are known as dangerous fat since they raise (LDL) cholesterol levels and lower (HDL) cholesterol levels. Fat-deprivation symptoms include tiredness, headache, mental fog, and an upset stomach. It’s also known as “the keto flu.”

It’s critical to eat nutritious high-fat meals on a keto diet. You’ll want to eat more if you don’t feel full. It will gradually cause you to consume more fat without being beneficial to the body.

Contains Starch

Starchy foods are high in carbohydrates. Rice flour, modified starch, potato starch, and other alternative ingredients are used by pizzerias when gluten is replaced with other substances. As a result, you’re essentially eating a lot of carbohydrates if there’s modified starch in gluten-free goods.On the keto diet, consumers avoid processed meals. As a result, they should avoid manufactured foods. Additionally, during digestion, maltodextrin, a starch component, converts carbohydrates into sugar. Excess maltodextrin can cause elevated blood sugar levels and hypertension.

How To Make Keto Friendly Pizza At Home

There is no need to go any further for a pizza crust recipe. A variety of ingredients, from almond flour to cauliflower to chicken, have been used into keto dieters’ pizza bases throughout the years.

Blending the ingredients in the following recipes may need the use of a food processor and some parchment paper.

Dough made from the fathead.

This recipe for a keto pizza crust may be the most popular. The base of this keto pizza crust is made up of cream cheese, almond flour, and mozzarella.

A pizza crust made with almond flour.

This pizza dough is made with almond flour, however it does not include mozzarella cheese or cream cheese. However, some may prefer the almond flour crust over the fathead dough.

Base for pizza without a crust

This homemade keto pizza recipe is a simple crustless version with a few simple ingredients, just like Papa Murphy’s notion. For those times when you’re in a rush or don’t have the time to shop for additional ingredients, this is an excellent option.

There’s no need for coconut or almond flour, chicken or seasonings, and the preparation time is minimal.

Pizza with a cauliflower crust

A soggy pizza crust is the worst thing you can get on a pizza, much worse than a terrible taste. Cauliflower rice, mozzarella cheese, and cream cheese are the major ingredients in this dough, which is similar to fathead dough in that it calls for almond flour as an ingredient.

This pizza has a chicken crust.

You don’t know what you’re missing out on if you haven’t tried a beef crust dish. Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses make up most of this crust’s contents.

Crusts made using animal products have a higher protein content and are more flavorful.

Any of these dishes can be rounded up with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil in addition to the herbs and toppings of your choice.

Keto-Friendly Pizza Buying Tips

If you want to follow a keto diet but don’t want to give up pizza, we’ve got you covered. There’s no need to be concerned about missing out on your favorite meal. A “gluten-free” label isn’t the only sign of a healthy pizza. Many other elements go into making a keto-friendly pizza.

Before you buy a pizza that is billed as keto-friendly, keep these few factors in mind. Let’s look at some of the things to look for when purchasing keto-friendly pizza!

Go for Plant-Based options

The only significant issue when buying keto-friendly pizza is the crust. Aside from that, other components on pizzas are quite healthy for a keto diet. You may get the finest plant-based, genuine Neapolitan pizzas right from home at Pizza Bien by ordering pies.

When you pick a plant-based keto pizza crust, you’re avoiding the carbs in the crust. Cauliflower is also sold as a pizza crust in some restaurants. As a result, utilize the plant-based alternatives to stay on track!

Look Out for Hidden Carbs and Sugar

Many meatballs on the pizza have breadcrumbs. Sugar may also be hidden in the pizza sauce from time to time. Excess carbs and sugar might cause problems with your keto diet.

If you want to stay on track with the diet, you should adjust your intake of carbohydrates and sugar.

The Low-Carb, High Protein, and Healthy-Fats Rule

When you’re on the keto diet, keep high amounts of protein in your diet and reduced carbohydrates. You’ll be able to maintain a strong performance.

Pizzas with keto-friendly, low-carb, and no starch pizza crusts can include a lot of proteins as toppings. You may also utilize various healthful vegetarian alternatives as toppings.

You’ll be more energetic after eating a diet high in healthy fats and protein. The plan will have a rapid influence on your activity levels.

Check the Ingredients

Following a specific diet means inspecting each component on the nutritional compass. You must keep an eye on the ingredients list and identify suspicious items.

Your pizza must be delightful, but it must also minimize starch intake. When ordering down, be sure to verify if the businesses have a nutrition guideline so you know how many carbohydrates are permitted.


Choosing the gluten-free option isn’t as simple as it may sound when creating a keto-friendly pizza, but it is not impossible. Ketogenic diet followers should also look for carbohydrates that have been used to make up for the lack of wheat flour. It’s also crucial to find out if they’re high in bad or modified sugars.

Finally, make sure you eat more protein than carbohydrates and that it comes from unprocessed fats. As a result, enjoy your meal (and the rest of your life!)

This post offers you mouthwatering, all-natural pizza that is perfectly cooked on the outside and soft within. Italy’s finest and freshest ingredients are used to make this delectable pie. Get your hands on this delicious pizza right now.

Can You Eat Pizza On A Keto Diet?

There are several other famous pizzas that you shouldn’t eat on keto, even though I just mentioned a few well-known ones.Not only can you now find many keto-friendly selections at some major chain restaurants, but there are also several frozen alternatives and amazing keto recipes that may help you satisfy your cravings.Perhaps you’re at a party and they didn’t bring any keto-friendly foods; you may be wondering whether the toppings on the pizza are kosher. I have wonderful news for you: most of the carbs are in the crust and a bit in the pizza sauce/ tomato sauce, so yes, you can keep it low carb by eating just the toppings.

People on keto don’t like overindulging. You may enjoy the crust alone, but you should not eat it without the rest of your meal. Cheese is acceptable on keto and can assist you in obtaining needed calcium while also being a tasty method to increase protein in your diet. I’ve got some wonderful news for you below if you’re interested in finding keto pizza or making your own.

Where To Find Gluten-Free AND Keto Friendly Pizza

The majority of keto-friendly pizzas, as I previously noted, are most likely gluten-free. Not all gluten-free meals are keto-friendly. Fortunately, with the growing popularity of the ketogenic diet and demand from consumers, many chain restaurants have begun to create low carb or keto-friendly crusts.

Keto-Friendly Chain Pizza Crust

Uno Pizzeria & Grill

For individuals wanting to reduce carbohydrates, Uno Pizzeria and Grill has two alternatives. First, they provide a low-carbohydrate thin crust made from cauliflower that has between 6 and 8 net grams of carbs per slice. Some locations offer a no-dough sausage pie with a sausage crust instead of normal dough.


The do-it-yourself pizza chain debuted its cauliflower rice crust, which is comprised mostly of cauliflower rice. A single slice of Blaze’s keto pizza crust has a carb count of 2 grams net carbohydrates per piece or 12 grams net carbs for the entire pie.

Papa Murphy’s

Different from Papa Murphy’s, Jersey Mike’s does it a little differently. Instead of a keto crust, their pizzas are “crustless.” In other words, you could call it a Jersey Mike’s sub in a tub, but instead of no bread, there is no pizza crust. All you have to do now is toss the toppings in the tub!


Donatos, on the other hand, has a 10-inch cauliflower crust for low carb or keto eaters. A single slice of Donatos cauliflower pizza has 5 grams of net carbohydrates, which is less than half the amount you’ll find in a regular slice at Pizza Hut (19.5 grams). Just be cautious not to consume the whole thing because that will cost you 59 grams of carbs.

Frozen Keto Friendly Pizza Crust

Quest Thin Crust

Quest also offers a low-carb pizza from the same firm that created those yummy quest protein bars. The half of the pie has 6 grams of net carbohydrates. This implies that for a whole pizza, there are only 12 grams of net carbohydrates.


Realgood offers a few low carb pizza crusts, but the chicken crust is the lowest carb. An entire 7-inch Realgood pepperoni has only 8 grams of net carbohydrates. I’m a big fan of having control of what goes into AND on your pie; here are some homemade recipes to try.


Is gluten-free pizza keto?

Yes, most of the carbs are in the crust and a bit in the pizza sauce/ tomato sauce, so yes, you can keep it low carb by eating just the toppings.

What are some keto-friendly pizza toppings?

Cheese is acceptable on keto and can assist you in obtaining needed calcium while also being a tasty method to increase protein in your diet. Other acceptable toppings include: meats, vegetables, and olives.

Is there a difference between keto pizza and low-carb pizza?

Keto pizzas are made with either a cauliflower crust or no crust at all, whereas low-carb pizzas might be made with a wheat flour crust that has had some of the carbs removed.

What is the best gluten-free pizza?

The best gluten-free pizza is one that is also keto-friendly. Some of the best keto-friendly pizzas are made by Uno Pizzeria & Grill, Blaze, Papa Murphy’s, Jersey Mike’s, and Donatos.

Is cauliflower pizza crust keto?

Yes, cauliflower pizza crust is an excellent option for those on a ketogenic diet. Cauliflower crusts are generally lower in carbs than traditional wheat flour crusts and can be a good way to increase your intake of vegetables.

Is there a difference between keto and gluten-free?

No, they are both diets that eliminate certain foods. However, keto is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet, whereas gluten-free is a diet that eliminates all foods containing gluten.


If you are looking for a keto-friendly pizza option, there are many available. Some of the best keto pizzas are made by Uno Pizzeria & Grill, Blaze, Papa Murphy’s, Jersey Mike’s, and Donatos. All of these pizzas have either a cauliflower crust or no crust at all, which makes them lower in carbs than traditional wheat flour crusts. When choosing toppings for your keto pizza, opt for cheese and meats as these will help you reach your macros while also being delicious.

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